Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Justifying Your Spend – Getting SEO Buy-In


There comes a time when all search marketers need to justify investment in their channel, something that can be a point of dread as well as a time of great opportunity.

Holiday Season Link-Building


For those of you who didn’t do their Christmas link-building this summer, here are a couple of link bait ideas to help you catch up with the competition.

Twitter Lets Users Search for Every Public Tweet Ever Sent

New Twitter logo

Twitter's new search engine means that you can now search for any tweet ever sent. And there are half a trillion of them now available to view.

Search Top Priority Among SMBs [Study]


The results of a recent BIA/Kelsey study show that for 2015, search marketing and PPC will be a top priority for many small and medium-sized businesses.

Are We Reaching the End of the Keyword Era?


This time, the humble keyword may actually be going by the wayside. And because of that, search marketing practitioners are going to need to develop a new set of skills to adapt.