Sunday, September 23, 2012

The iPhone 5: It's funny (or is it?)

(Credit: NotSam/YouTube Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

iPhone launches have become such events that people line up, scream, and wail, as if this were, oh, REO Speedwagon on tour again.

Now that the fully elongated joy has been revealed, it's instructive to see all those who have attempted to eke humor from the sixth coming (even though it's called iPhone 5).

This week, those possessed of humor -- or merely possessed -- have created films that reflect their own jaundiced view of the new iPhone.

First, there was the obligatory spoof of Apple's own obligatory serious launch video.

Here are serious-looking, Apple-type people extolling the sheer speed of the phone. It's faster than Wi-Fi. Until, that is, "every asshole on the planet starts to clog up your network."

Then -- thank you, Gizmodo for, um, picking this up -- there's video courtesy of iPhone.NL -- of an iPhone 5 glued to a Dutch sidewalk.

There is something almost glorious in seeing people try and prise it from the concrete, to no avail.

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